Win signed England shirt in World Cup game

The biggest football tournament on the planet is just around the corner and to add to the excitement Predikta is launching its own free-to-play World Cup game with a fantastic prize on offer to the winner.

An England shirt signed by the golden generation of David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard and many other great players could be yours for scoring the most points in our prediction game.

England top

The format

For those of you unfamiliar with how Predikta works there will be seven rounds in total as follows:

Group stage: Three rounds of 10 matches
Round of 16: One round of eight matches
Quarter-finals: One round of four matches
Semi-finals:  One round of two matches
Final: One round of two matches (Play off and Final)

How the scoring works

  • 3pts for a correct scoreline.
  • 2pts for the correct margin of victory. For example, you predict England will beat Belgium 1-0, but they win 2-1. The one-goal margin means you score two points.
  • 1pt – Correct result.
  • Banker – For every round you must select a banker for which you receive double points. Bankers could make the difference so choose wisely!
  • Extra time – During the knockout stage if a match goes to extra time, the scoreline is determined after 120 minutes and not 90. A penalty shoot-out would be irrelevant for Predikta purposes, so if the score finished 1-1 after an extra 30 minutes the match is deemed a draw.
  • Separata rules – These rules have been devised to separate players who finish on the same number of points during a round. Positions are calculated automatically, but if you’re interested how it works you can find out by clicking here.

Points will be awarded after every match so you will be able to see where you stand in the overall table and in your own individual leagues.

If you already play Predikta your league will remain the same, but you can invite new members to get involved or set up new leagues by clicking on the COG in the top right-hand corner and selecting CREATE A LEAGUE. Feel free to join as many leagues as you wish with just one set of predictions.

The competition gets under way on June 14 and will finish with the final on July 15. You must submit your predictions before the start of each round although you can make amendments right up until kick-off before the start of each game, but not during!

From Russia with love!

We hope you enjoy Predikta’s World Cup prediction game but don’t keep it to yourself – get friends, family and colleagues involved to spice up what should be a brilliant tournament.