Week 9: Shepherd’s delight in World Cup week

Harry Kane

James Shepherd produced one of the best scores of the season to win week nine of Predikta despite failing to score any points from the final two games.

Northern Ireland and Wales both failed to oblige, but it made no difference as James had already done the hard work by amassing 22 points from the previous eight games to beat the fast-finishing Kevin McFadden by a single point. David Reeder was third and one of five players inside the top 10 to make nine correct predictions.

Ioannis Lagos led after Thursday’s three fixtures with 11 points thanks to a well-placed banker on Scotland beating Slovakia 1-0 at Hampden Park, but Clayton Hampson and Georgios Samaras shared the lead at 7pm on Friday with 13 points by nailing Wales’ 1-0 victory in Georgia, the joint most popular prediction for that match.

Jeff Pinsent was our Friday leader after picking up six points from the Republic of Ireland’s 2-0 win against Moldova in the late game, the second most popular prediction of the whole round. Jeff retained his lead with 17 points after France beat Bulgaria 1-0 on Saturday, but only via the Separata rules from James and Georgios.

James made it eight from eight by calling England’s 1-0 win in Lithuania and picking up two points from Scotland’s draw in Slovenia to lead Jeff by two points which effectively helped him win the round.

Kevin nailed Norway’s 1-0 victory over Northern Ireland, plus the Republic of Ireland’s 1-0 win in Wales, a result which denied Jack Neelsen and Syed Hasib a perfect 10 results! Only 7% of players actually forecast a Republic victory, so well done to Kevin and Louis Robinson as just two from a handful of players to get the scoreline right. Kevin was also in the 4% of players to call England’s 1-0 victory over Slovenia – and he had his banker on it!

Crue Elliott retained top spot overall after scoring a respectable 14 points this week, but his eight-point lead has been slashed to just three following a 19-point haul from Ben Richmond.

This week’s winner James Shepherd climbed 53 places to move into sixth overall and he has been joined in the top 10 by Bill Finck, Stephen Doyle and Daniel Jordan.

Jack Neelsen finished top of the Football Manager Community League for the second week in a row, but Daniel Jordan stays top of our most popular league with a two-point lead over Sean Spenser.

Back of the Net Premier were top dogs in the League of Leagues as their members scored an average of 13.8 points, pipping Fat Boy Plus 5 by a mere 0.1 points. Sandy Lodge F*gs failed to breach the top 10 this week, but still jumped to the top of the table by 0.1 points from Why North?

In a tight league, last week’s leaders Well, what do we know fell four places.

With not many goals around, points-scoring was reasonably high this week, with six players scoring 20 or more and quite a few of you were just one result off a perfect 10.

Week nine prediktions

England 1-0 Slovenia (4% of players)
Northern Ireland 1-3 Germany (18%)
Scotland 1-0 Slovakia (21%)
Georgia 0-1 Wales (22%)
Republic of Ireland 2-0 Moldova (45%)
Bulgaria 0-1 France (4%)
Lithuania 0-1 England (7%)
Slovenia 2-2 Scotland (2%)
Norway 1-0 Northern Ireland (7%)
Wales 0-1 Republic of Ireland (2%)

Nine correct results

Kevin McFadden, David Reeder, Syed Hasib, Jack Neelsen, Louis Robinson, Sean Spenser and probably more!

Four correct scorelines

James Shepherd, Kevin McFadden, Syed Hasib, Jeff Pinsent and Ben Richmond

Ten or less spot-on prediktions


Top five prediktions of week nine

England 2-0 Slovenia (48%)
Republic of Ireland 2-0 Moldova (45%)
Bulgaria 0-2 France (36%)
Lithuania 0-2 England (35%)
Norway 1-1 Northern Ireland (35%)

Top five scores this season

24 points – Steve Hayes
22 points – Emil Carboni, Mark Wright, Nigel Doggett and James Shepherd

The Premier League returns this weekend and we’ll have a preview of all the action from week 10, the highlight of which is undoubtedly the lunchtime kick-off between Liverpool and Manchester United. Head to the blue bar to get your predictions in nice and early and best of luck to you all.