Week 40: Ronaldo shirt for Predikta winner Ben

Mo Salah

Ben Richmond was crowned Predikta king with 443 points on Sunday to win a signed Cristiano Ronaldo shirt in Real Madrid colours.

A final round score of 12 points ensured Ben finished nine clear of nearest rival Georgios Samaras and 10 ahead of Carl Weeks who won a signed Freddy Adu shirt as the runaway winner of the Football Manager Community League.

Sandy Lodge F*gs also have cause for celebration as the winners of the League of Leagues which means up to 10 of their members are on their way to Wembley for a fabulous tour of the national stadium.

Congratulations to all our winners at the end of a fantastic season on Predikta. We will soon be announcing details of a World Cup special! Make sure you get on board for the world’s greatest tournament which is just one month away.

Slick Mick takes weekly honours

Amid all the hullabaloo of end-of-season prizes a special mention should also go to Mick Marion, made up by winning week 40 with 18 points. Mick’s success was due largely to West Ham’s 3-1 victory over Everton, predicted by just three players, and Stoke’s 2-1 win at Swansea which was called by only 12 of you this weekend.

Mick didn’t just pull off the unexpected as he also called Crystal Palace’s 2-0 victory over West Brom which was the most popular prediction for that game.

Kacper Kloc was the most consistent performer of the weekend with nine correct results to finish two points behind Mick. Kacper was one of a dozen players to pick out Bournemouth’s 2-1 win at Burnley, but Swansea let him down for a clean sweep on the final day of the season.

Eddy Weddy made the podium with 16 points and, like Mick, also nailed three correct scorelines, including the Cherries’ win at Turf Moor, plus Manchester United’s 1-0 victory over Watford. The Red Devils’ single-goal win was the fourth most popular prediction for that match for which a 2-0 victory was easily the most heavily backed scoreline of the weekend.

Those 16 points for Eddy meant he also finished top of the Football Manager Community League this week, five clear of Alex, Mike Rudman and Carl Weeks.

Liam Nye also bagged three correct scorelines, interestingly all 1-0, with Arsenal and both Manchester clubs obliging on Sunday to ensure he finished fourth this week. City’s victory at Southampton ensured they finished the season with 100 points.

David Adamson and Richard Bower-Kemp bagged top-10 spots on the back of cannily placed bankers on United’s 1-0 win which was Michael Carrick’s last game in a Red Devils shirt.

Doug Michael Matthews also finished on the final weekly leaderboard of the season as one of only six players to call Liverpool’s 4-0 win against Brighton, plus he had his banker on it, as did Andrew Gordon.

Week 40 prediktions

Burnley 1-2 Bournemouth (3%)
Crystal Palace 2-0 West Brom (24%)
Huddersfield 0-1 Arsenal (8.5%)
Liverpool 4-0 Brighton (Six correct predictions)
Manchester United 1-0 Watford (10%)
Newcastle 3-0 Chelsea (No correct predictions)
Southampton 0-1 Manchester City (4%)
Swansea 1-2 Stoke (3%)
Tottenham 5-4 Leicester (No correct predictions)
West Ham 3-1 Everton (Three correct predictions)

Nine correct results

Kacper Kloc and Michelle Bradley

Three correct scorelines

Mick Marion, Eddy Weddy, Liam Nye, Judith Hodgkinson and probably more!

Ten or less spot-on prediktions

3 – West Ham 3-1 Everton – Mick Marion, Louis Luhar and Tariq Jeeroburkhan

6 – Liverpool 4-0 Brighton – Doug Michael Matthews, Andrew Gordon (both bankers), Tommy Essex, Alex, Jaime Woolerton and Jeff Boekstein

Top five prediktions of week 40

Manchester United 2-0 Watford (52%)
Liverpool 2-0 Brighton (43%)
Tottenham 2-0 Leicester (39%)
Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea (33%)
West Ham 1-1 Everton (33%)

Top five scores this season

24 points – Steve Hayes, Asif Akram
23 points – Georgios Samaras
22 points – Emil Carboni, Mark Wright, Nigel Doggett, James Shepherd, Dan Varnaseri and Craig Masterson

And that’s it for another season on Predikta. But you’ll still be able to get your fix of our football prediction game at the World Cup in Russia which gets under way on June 14. Look out for details but until then thanks to everyone for playing Predikta this season, your participation is very much appreciated. See you soon!