Week 22: Peter wins in week of FA Cup shocks

Eric Lichaj

Eric Lichaj may have fallen short of the goal he needed to get a new pet, but Peter Henshaw was this week’s top dog as our first winner of 2018 with 19 points on a weekend of FA Cup shocks.

Nottingham Forest defender Lichaj has been a promised a dog by his wife if he scores a hat-trick this season and he went close with two goals in the 4-2 win against Cup holders Arsenal, a result which did enough to give Peter victory via the Separata rules from Nick Farrell. Nicely done, Peter!

Week 22 got off to a spectacular start for many Predikta players on Friday night with around 20 scoring a combined nine points from Liverpool’s 2-1 win against Everton, and Manchester United’s late 2-0 victory over Derby. Both scorelines were the most popular among Predikta players on Friday and just about the whole weekend.

Many of you stuck their bankers on United winning 2-0 like Chris Wright and Jaishil Patel, although some of you were braver and went max on Liverpool like Thomas Jolley who tied for fourth this week.

It looked like we were heading for a record score after Middlesbrough’s 2-0 win against Sunderland which put Bill Hope, Danny Smillie, Michelle Bradley, Stewart McRae and Thomas Jolley at the top of the leaderboard with 12 points after three games, with Jamie Carter just a point behind.

Unfortunately, the gremlins struck during Saturday afternoon so we couldn’t monitor how the weekend progressed until after Sunday’s matches.

What we can tell you is that Peter was one of 12 players to correctly forecast Manchester City’s 4-1 win against Burnley and one of two to stick their bankers on that scoreline, the other being Mick Marion.

Peter and Jaishil were two of nine to nail the goalless draw between Wolves and Swansea, while the same number were on Watford’s 3-0 victory against a second-string Bristol City side keeping its powder dry for Tuesday’s EFL Cup semi-final at Manchester City.

The best prediction of the weekend came from just one player who picked up three points from the goalless draw between Norwich and Chelsea. Congratulations Syafiq Rahman!

Tottenham’s 3-0 victory over AFC Wimbledon was the most popular prediction for that tie and Nick Farrell, Douglas Keir, Albs the Italiano and Hugh Roberts were among the many who picked up six points from that scoreline.

Unsurprisingly, no-one was on Nottingham Forest’s stunning 4-2 victory against Arsenal which meant Peter led by two points heading into Monday’s final tie between arch rivals Brighton and Crystal Palace.

Peter went for the most popular prediction for that match – a 1-1 draw – but Nick Farrell bagged second spot by forecasting the Seagulls’ 2-1 victory. If Chelsea, Wolves or both had sneaked a late winner, Nick would have been this week’s podium champ, but Peter won it with one more correct result than his adversary.

Dan M hits the summit

We also have a new overall leader on Predikta after Dan Martin overtook Dan Varnaseri to take a two-point lead. Dan M scored an impressive 15 points, two more than Dan V, with Crue Elliott staying in third place with 13 points.

Last week’s winner the Lion of Surbiton moved into the top 10 with another excellent performance, 17 points putting him in eighth spot. Vikas Chaudhary also joined the leaderboard as 14 points proved good enough to move up seven places into 10th. Andrew Donaldson dropped out of the top 10 despite a respectable 10 points.

Josh Level headed the Football Manager Community League this week with 15 points, but only on the Separata rules from Benjamin Franklin. Carl Weeks’ lead in the league has been cut from 12 points to nine by nearest rival Daniel Jordan.

Week 22 prediktions

Liverpool 2-1 Everton (40%)
Manchester United 2-0 Derby (44%)
Middlesbrough 2-0 Sunderland (17%)
Manchester City 4-1 Burnley (3%)
Watford 3-0 Bristol City (Nine correct predictions)
Wolves 0-0 Swansea (Nine correct predictions)
Norwich 0-0 Chelsea (One correct prediction)
Tottenham 3-0 AFC Wimbledon (40%)
Nottingham Forest 4-2 Arsenal (No correct predictions)
Brighton 2-1 Crystal Palace (14%)

Eight correct results

Peter Henshaw, Steve Hayes, Andrew Gerrard, Ed Quick and no doubt many others!

Four correct scorelines

Nick Farrell, Steve Hayes, Chris Wright, Douglas Keir, Thomas Jolley and probably a few more

Ten or less spot-on prediktions

1 – Norwich 0-0 Chelsea – Syafiq Rahman

9 – Wolves 0-0 Swansea – Anders Frisk, Gemma Ruxton-Haynes, Jack Burt, Jaishil Patel, Jonty Roberts, Mark Stafford, Paulina Loginska, Peter Henshaw and Ronnie Preiskel

9 – Watford 3-0 Bristol City – Andrew Lawrence, Derek Keir, Devdeep Dutta, Luke Percy, Mark Cox, Mark Porcelli, NutRichard Dyer and Tony Matthews

Top five prediktions of week 22

Manchester United 2-0 Derby (44%)
Tottenham 3-0 AFC Wimbledon (40%)
Norwich 0-2 Chelsea (40%)
Liverpool 2-1 Everton (40%)
Nottingham Forest 0-2 Arsenal (39%)

Top five scores this season

24 points – Steve Hayes
22 points – Emil Carboni, Mark Wright, Nigel Doggett, James Shepherd and Dan Varnaseri

Congratulations to Peter for winning this week, but it could be you in the next round when the Premier League returns with six matches on Saturday at 3pm, with Spurs taking on Everton at 5.30pm. There is no early kick-off next week so you have no excuse for forgetting to predict!

The highlight of the round is undoubtedly Liverpool’s clash with Manchester City on Sunday which should be 90 minutes of attacking football. Look out for our preview later in the week, but if you can’t wait that long make your predictions now by clicking on the blue bar. Best of luck to you all!