Round 7: Meach out of reach to win England top

France players celebrate

Meach Meachington capped what turned out to be a brilliant World Cup by winning Predikta with a superb 70 points.

An England shirt signed by David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen and others is heading its way to Meach after he finished seven points clear of nearest rival Evo the WC Champ and one ahead of Daniel Martin, who both won football shirts of their choice for their performances.

Signed England shirt

Meach actually won the competition on Saturday after playing his banker on England’s 2-0 defeat by Belgium which gave him an unassailable nine-point lead over Daniel and Benzi. He then picked up another point from the World Cup final to ensure he won the competition he led for the last four rounds.

Belgium’s dominant 2-0 victory in the third-place play-off was the third most popular prediction for that match at 14% and 23 players had their bankers on it to pick up six points, including Alaba Ajulo, Cian Jordan, Elad, Liron Madrid and Neil Dilkes.

Mark Jelfs was among those players to get off to a flyer and he also scored two points from the final to win his second round of the competition, although this time he finished joint top with Alex AKA Charming, Neil Millichip, Simon Horsley and The Yorkshire Goat.

Not a single player was on France’s 4-2 victory over Croatia although if Hugo Lloris had been a little less cocky then Andy Burt, Ruby Curry, Sinan Gumus and Steve Cartwright might have been staring at six points having all played their bankers on a 4-1 win for Didier Deschamps’ side.

But it would have made no difference to Meach, who romped to a seven-point win to bag that coveted England shirt. Well played Meach, a thoroughly deserved win!

And congratulations to top 10 players Fraser Small, Dave Willcox, Benzi, Gilad Felcher, Paul McCormack, Marc Canning and Gary Hamilton who all scored 60 points or more.

Here’s a rundown of how the final and third-place play-off went:

Round 7 prediktions

Belgium 2-0 England (14%)
France 4-2 Croatia (No correct predictions)

Two correct results

Too many to mention!

Two correct scorelines


Top six prediktions of round 7

Belgium 2-1 England (30%)
France 2-0 Croatia (28.5)
France 2-1 Croatia (25%)
Belgium 1-2 England (16%)
Belgium 2-0 England (14%)
France 3-1 Croatia (13.8%)

And that folks is that! It was a brilliant World Cup, probably the best we can remember – great matches, great goals, well organised, hardly any bother between fans and of course England reaching a semi-final for the first time in 28 years.

Well done to Meach for winning the England shirt and to Evo and Daniel for winning football tops, and thanks very much to every one of you for playing the Predikta World Cup game.